monkey with a gun cereal killerz

Enter Monkey with a Gun and the Cereal Killerz series, which exists to display the very best players at the height of their game and athletic prowess, using film techniques and angles unique to the paintball world.
I cant believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone!
I was hoping to at least get a real one.A couple who was leaving right before us came by to tell us how they had watched her dance (in her highchair) the entire time she was there!Its decently priced, byob and they have free beer with pizza purchase!Tomorrow I will attempt to reconstruct some old sweatshirts and t-shirts.

The only time she would stop moving was when she would see a cell phone.
I made this fall office 97 portugues baixaki type wreath.
Im not completely sure if I liked.Its exciting to think of all the new clothes I will have if Im able to pull these designs off!Here is a picture I snapped of her.On Easter Sunday my mom came over to pick us all up for church.I love my Halloween skeleton wreath but didnt figured it was time to take it down.London spent the entire time dancing which we are so used to that we didnt even notice.She was Easter pooped!