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Of Hrs.11 Unit III Unconstrained Nonlinear Programming: One dimensional minimization methods: Classification, Fibonacci method and Quadratic interpolation method Unconstrained Optimization Techniques: Univariate method, Powells method and steepest descent method.
Power flow Analysis in AC/DC systems: Modelling of DC Links Solution of DC loadflow.
Transmission line: Configurations, type of conductors, Bundle conductors, resistance of line, skin proximity effects.
(3) To determine the value of acceleration due to gravity using koters pendulum.
Vyenmura, John and wiely, 1st edition.Compensation Techniques: Concept of compensation, Lag, Lead and Lag-Lead networks, design of closed loop systems using compensation techniques, feedback compensation using P, PI, PID controllers.Of Hrs.10 Text Books:. .Ivar Jacobson, Object Oriented Software Engineering, Pearson, 2004.Fuse: Introduction, Types Applications.etee 451 L P C Paper: Electrical Drives Lab.Kraus - Electromagnetic rden, lmein - Electromagnetic waves and Radiating system, 2nd edition 1998 Reference Books: Hayt - Electromagnetic, TMH, 5th edition.Rajiv Kapadia, 8051 Microcontroller Embedded Systems, Jaico Press. .For each un-attempted question, 0 (zero) mark will be awarded.8 unit - IV X-Rays : production and properties, Crystalline and Anorphous solids (Brief) Braggs Law, Applications.Lauder, Power Electronics, TMH. .Course Fee:-, the total fees for the course.

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Code.: etee 416 L T C Paper: High Voltage Engineering instructions TO paper setters: Max.
Hingonano and Laszlo Gyugyi Understanding facts Reference Books:. .
Das Gupta, Control System Theory, Khanna Pub.
etee 258 L P C Paper: Control Engineering Lab.
Practical will be based on Analog Electronics -.Unit - IV Sheet Metal Shop: Learning use of sheet-metal tools, Exercises: Making jobs out of GI sheet metal.Rashid, Power Electronics Circuits, Devices Applications, PHI, 1999. .Wood Working Shop: Making of various joints, Pattern making.Wadhwa, High Voltage Engineering, Wiley Eastern Ltd.0 2 1 etee 353 Object Oriented Programming using C Lab 0 2 1 etee 355 Communication Systems Circuits Lab.