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Poppo from Ano Hana travels around the world to spend money in his part-time job and he has mappings of his travels.
Kenshin does leave Tokyo occasionally, but it's always for a specific place and a specific goal, and he always returns to the Kamiya dojo in the end.
If you don't find Ancardia in Maria's route of Knights in the Nightmare, she and the Wisp wind up doing this for the rest of their lives.
The third game actually refers to the player character as The Lone Wanderer after his escape from Vault 101.Red Dog 's journey across a quarter of Australia in the search for John, not knowing he is dead and buried in his home town.Jumps several steps ahead and has a protagonist walk the Solar System.Unlike her successor Aang, Kyoshi's only means of transportation is walking from place to place, although she does get help from fishermen and White Lotus members.Aug 31, royal Family, aug 31, aug.Unlike both Inuyasha and Kouga's groups, he and Jaken continue on as nomads at the end of the story, although his ward Rin settles down with Inuyasha's group.And leaves again, presumably on his way to some other town to do the same thing over again.Mac references this in an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia saying that it would be cool to adopt the lifestyle of a hobo "travelling from town to town solving mysteries" but that it would be impractical.Simon and Boota did this at the end of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

The same is true for Daeron, who vanished after Lúthien's disappearance.
Tien and Chiaotzu take this trope even further.
If you don't have a homeworld or a favored House to work for, you just tend to set aol desktop 9.6 setup up shop wherever you can on one of the major hiring worlds and spend most of your time crisscrossing known space in between assignments.
First, if you stay in any one place too long, the locals get restless and the land blights beneath your feet.
Kino's Journey has a main character and a talking motorcycle travel across a fictional world.Parodied in Silver Spoon with Yugo's older brother, who is an awful cook.Professional Wrestling Haystacks Calhoun might be the Trope Maker for pro wrestling, being what would later be known as a "traveling face enforcer being a gigantic agile attraction, a Big Fun guy who would show up in a territory often to make a fool out.Hercules and his sidekick Iolaus of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys also wandered the ancient world battling monsters, gods, and warlords.The Orks have their own inversion- Ork society is based on any boy doing whatever he wants, as long as it doesn't get him krump'd by da Boss.