merge 2 excel sheets together

There are several macros available for free that can be downloaded from the internet and tweaked according to the requirements.
Important notes Sheetgo can merge a maximum of 30 sheets at one time.
Account number name sku quantity nbr iso iec 27005 unit price ext price date status Pollich LLC.86 766.88 23:47: 218895 Kulas Inc.75 1239.75 11:27:55 bronze Sanford and Sons.86 3602.26 18:36:11 bronze Will LLC.73 2069.20 22:44:58 bronze Will LLC.75 1151.25 02:57:43 bronze We use set_categories.For this specific case, lets label all missing accounts as bronze.Gold, it looks odd that we sell more to bronze customers than gold.How to compare two Excel sheet and combine unique data?Maybe we should reclassify some of them?Example, doing so will open the Sheetgo interface on the screen as a sidebar, as shown in the image below.Click on the, aDD TO consolidate button.Assumptions, for this to work as expected, the following criteria should be met.You can use describe to look at it and make sure you data looks good.Even when you look at the total dollar value associated with bronze.

Connect button to finish the configuration and import the data.
Number name.ix 0,1,unt status gold 4 silver 7 bronze 9 Name: name, dtype: int64.
I hope it will give you ideas of how to apply these tools to your unique situation.Type this formula in a blank cell within the row/entry you are comparing.We can merge a maximum of 2 million cells.We can see the list of source file names and their corresponding sheets we are trying to pull the data from.There are a lot of files, but we only want to look at the sales.xlsx files.!ls./in/sales*.xlsx./in/sales-feb-2014.xlsx./in/sales-jan-2014.xlsx./in/sales-mar-2014.xlsx, use the python glob module to easily list out the files we need.Copy and change the formula to collect data from the columns you want (skip the redundant/superfluous ones).Xlsx sales-jan-2014.xlsx sample-diff-1.xlsx my-diff-1.xlsx sales-mar-2014.xlsx sample-diff-2.xlsx my-diff-2.xlsx sample-address-1.xlsx sample-salesv3.xlsx my-diff.