medal of honor spearhead pc review

This game has been made by Dreamworks Games and published by Electronic Arts at Nov 11, 2002.
So if we are toshiba dvd player win7 to compare this game against others of near gendre, I'd have to say gta vice city 2010 mods MOH rocks.
Plays much the same as the first.
There are also issues of clipping even after patch and guns that have unrealistic distances.Updated:03:45 PM EDT Aug,28, gameguru reviews/specials archive back to the main page.Oh and one thing it still doesnt do is list the active mods on a server.These weapons span across multiple countries, and have significant characteristics to them all.I would rather recommend getting it from your local videostore for one day, cheaper and you wont be that angry about the shortage of the game.Those who say the game sucked after playing for just a few minutes are completely ignorant.And how about u guys give it a chance and not play it for 2 min and give up!Spearhead begins with a scene that could have been taken straight out of Band of Brothers: It's D-Day, and you're on a transport plane that will soon drop you into Normandy As you float down to the ground, you'll immediately take note of hundreds.Work with squads of American, British and Soviet troops to complete single-player objectives.Gegegogogogigigigaga sketchup for mac crack posted - Dec, :10 ya people become crazy for ckers pasha posted - Dec, :49 I fineshed the game on 3 hours Mike aKa: BLiTz posted - Jan, :43 I think YOU guys AL need glasses.Great Game - you should get it if you liked the first mohaa asd posted - Dec, :56 excuse me but the game sux.

Editions, also known as: Medal of Honor: Team Assault working title, MoH: Allied Assault Spearhead, Metal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead common misspelling, Medal of Honour Allied Assault Spearhead.
And in MOH they didn't go CS style adding gay guns and changing guns as they did to the base game of SOF2.
Zeus posted - Dec, :42 teh single player is great, those who say it sucks, didnt play it, they just lie.
The Medal of Honor series is the best and will be for ever!Why do they keep doing it?Medal of Honor Allied Assault Expansion Pack for the PC represents a unique addition to the Medal of Honor franchise.There are so many n00b realism mods, that can take a lot of fun and skill out of the game.DOse anyone now how to pass the tank.i wasnt interested anymore and i prefer to play BF1942 for that.This gives you the feel of how being in their situation.If one side is able to destroy their enemy's spawn area, that team quickly gains an advantage.BUT THE main problem OF THE single player game IS, that IT IS TOO short.