mata e jaan hai tu episode 16

Even though the final episodes were an improvement, by that time one had lost interest in the story and the lead characters.
Starting with the office scene, where she bamboozled Uzair, to the despair she portrayed after losing Aabi, her contemplated suicide, and finally her lovely contented smile when she saw Aabi looking down on his united family, Sarwat Gilani shone as Haniya in the latter half of the serial.
It had been a while since wed seen the very important issue of domestic violence highlighted on our TV screens.Haniyas sister Yameena seemed to have a pretty significant storyline earlier on but that just got lost along the way somewhere.Adeel Hussain( Ibad Uzair sanam Saeed ( Yamina ahsan Khan ( Adeel).Her boss wants to invite at his home for meeting with his wife because all the time he talks about Haniyea in front of his wife.His own rant exposed him as a hypocrite, a stubborn and arrogant man, for whom his pride, his given word and his ego, reigned supreme over everything else even the happiness of his one and only child.Broadcasts edit Broadcast as Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu on Hum TV in Pakistan.Nonetheless she continued to plod on, living a drab, colorless life final fantasy dissidia 012 mods like a zombie.In the showdown between Uzair and Ibad, even as the father rambled on about our, eastern values and the influence of the corrupt behaya.Haniya a girl who lives with her grand-mother after her parents death so she takes admission and decided to live with her grand-mother.

So, both meet at this institution.
I never thought Id be writing this, but Uzair did finally win me over by the final episode.
So she proves her-self very strong lady and accidently she joined office of Ibads father but no one knows even Haniyea and Ibads father is unaware.It was hard not be swayed by this now repentant father who had lost everything due to his over inflated ego.This colorless woman was nothing like the gorgeous, vibrant woman we had met in earlier episodes.So, Haniyea is very worried about all this happening.It is difficult for a woman who has to venture out of her house to earn money, even more so for somebody from a poor background.Yes, by that time Sarwat had turned into the perfect Haniya.Contents, haniya Sajjad.k.a.Ibad is a young Pakistani who has joined Columbia university for his master's degree after completing his bachelor's degree from.