mainconcept mpeg encoder 1.4.2

Added effect events (playing effect files at certain events).
New command to toggle left/right.
In addition, the audio output device can be chosen in case your computer has more than one built in audio output device (e.g.
Serial remote control: See ml for more details on the protocol.Version.6.5 (October 20, 2010) Added support for Tridelity multiview displays.Added -itx, -ity, -ivl and -ivr command line parameters to specify the number of horizontal and vertical tiles for tiled input layouts as well as the left and right tile to be used for stereoscopic playback.Fixed crash when cancelling renaming of library items.Added: Updated the German translation.Fixed: Playback not possible without audio device.Added AVC/MVC video decoder.Fixed: URLs in playlists do not work.New command line parameter -termsc to terminate player on click while in full screen mode Library integration of separate left/right files Stereoscopic metafile integration of separate left/right files Fixed 'Invalid stereo layout' bug Fixed OpenGL bug (sometimes garbage appeared in bottom of the screen) Fixed.Fixed: Parallax adjustment distorts black ops 2 full game pc skidrow images using one of the '2D and Depth' layouts.Fixed cursor in quad-buffered DirectX mode.

This option should be checked when outputting to a 3DTV.
Version.4 (June 18, 2015).
Pinnacle TitleDeko Pro.0, pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate v, pixelan SpiceMaster.21.
Fixed bug in MVC decoder.Fixed lego games for mac error when displaying library that contains files with long paths.Jen je mi záhadou, jak deinterlace filtr ten pic-mjpg kodek pouívá.Else, it would try to convert the 'scene' to 3D, resulting in unexpected behavior and refresh rates.The side-by-side output, spanning over two screens, could not be used in full screen mode in previous versions.