mac os x lion restart dock

Users usually are quick to customize their Docks with their own app choices, but if you ever want to reset the Dock to the default state and start anew, you can do that at any time skype for windows 8 pro 64 bit by using a defaults command.
Define terminal command, tell us where to type with our witto bitty fingers "killall dock." and is that two words ro three, or one?
The easiest way to fix it is to delete these files.
You'll find the config file at /Library/Preferences/ist, make a change to the dock and it will then regenerate them with the correct permissions.
In any case, the Dock is easy to configure back the way you want.Your Dock will now be new as the day it shipped.To do that, open Terminal from your Applications/Utilities folder.Customize again with care.Even if you haven't heavily customized your Dock using Terminal commands, this week's power tip can come in handy.

I've offered a bunch of power tips to customize the contents of your Oock: Adding spaces between applications, for example, or adding recently-added final fantasy dissidia 012 mods apps and documents.
Default apps will be restored to their standard locations, and preferences like magnification, hiding, and so on, will be reset.
So you might be right, in some utopia but here3 on Earth no one understands you.
Only they great MS does not have a dock, doc.I AM afraid TO kill IT whehink IT might have hidden MY various documents!Launch the Terminal and enter the following command syntax: defaults delete ck; killall Dock, hit the Return key and youll discover the Dock will quit and relaunch itself into the default state with default icon choices.Hint: A clue that the permissions on them are wrong is if OS X prompts for a password when you try to delete these files - it shouldn't.Type (or copy lexmark s315 wireless setup utility and paste) defaults delete ck; killall Dock.Now that you have the default Dock again, you can customize it as you wish and start from scratch.If you went overboard, however, and your Dock is now far too disorderly for your tastes, here's how to reset.Because this won't just get rid of Terminal customizations.