mac os x lion restart apache

As of Oierra, the php build included is PHP.6.x El Capitan ships with PHP.5.x and OSX.8 Mountain Lion ships with PHP version.3.
If you want to run CouchDB as a service controlled by the OS, load the launchd configuration which comes with the project, with this command: sudo port load couchdb and it should be up and accessible via Futon at http dragon ball episode 132 5984 utils.
To install the other dependencies run next commands: brew install autoconf brew install autoconf-archive brew install automake brew install libtool brew install erlang brew install icu4c brew install spidermonkey brew install curl.
Updating the ports collection.
PHP comes pre-installed on MacOS.Enabling PHP on Apache for Mac.Either way, after removing the Listen 80 directive from nf, Apache was finally able to start.Remember to make backups.For the most part, my Mountain Lion experience over the past few days has also been positive; its certainly a worthwhile upgrade.About is a blog by Florian Pichler.We can do this by opening Apache's configuration file.In the error output from the command above, I noticed that Apache was unable bind to port 80 since it was already in use.Let's make sure the default version of Apache is off and will not start automatically at startup.Start Apache and PHP Automatically on Boot brew services start homebrew/apache/httpd24 brew services start homebrew/php/php71 MySQL MySQL no longer comes pre-installed on MacOS as of Oountain Lion (10.8) as it did with previous versions or Oownload the latest stable version of mysql from: m/downloads/mysql/ MySQL.

This feature was removed from Mountain Lion (10.8 so you will have to use the Terminal command.
VirtualHost 80 DocumentRoot Library/WebServer/Documents" ServerName localhost /VirtualHost.
It should also be restarted automatically after reboot.
Look into the nf and find this block - it's above the DirectoryIndex block you edited before.If youre hacking on CouchDB, and we hope you will, you may try the current git-based master (head) branch, or the next development release using this couchdb recipe, using either -head or -devel options respectively.By default, the Apache in OS X is configured to ignore most of the settings in them, so you have to unlock those features first.Now you should have a proper configuration and it's time to start your Apache.In case youre not, Web Sharing was a section of the Sharing preference pane that allowed users to control the Apache web server installation that was built in to Mac.First Xcode and it's command line tools will need to be installed, it can be found on the App Store here: once installed open terminal and run the following command to install the Xcode command line tools: xcode-select -install, apache and PHP have both been.Perhaps I had commented out the Listen directive in the previous nf, eliminating the potential conflict with the Listen directive.Installation using the Apache CouchDB native application.