lost boyz lifestyles of the rich and shameless remix

And wit the letter.
gt;huh Chorus Lifestyles of the rich amp; shameless gt;shameless Some die wit the name gt;wit the name Some die nameless gt;some die nameless It's all the same game gt;It's on It's all the same pain gt;It's on It's all the same pain gt;It's On It's.
Baggin bitches bitches, he's in clubs takin pitchers, drink your finger always into sess.
She stays on the isle ahhh.This song was the first single off of the Lost Boyz 1996 debut 'Legal Drug Money.Lost Boyz Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless (Remix).He got his first ounce, made a grand 400 hundred 3 bills to get fresh, he other bills to get blunted to be blunted.He started slingin at the age of 17 uhh huh.Freaky tah, verses.The Lost Boyz Lifestyles of the rich and shameless.Lost Boyz Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless Remix.Verse 2, the verse 2's, about this girl named yvette vette.Block Nobody's slingin on the block Eh yo we got this block on lock And it's the.(Interview) Imagine Dragons - Thunder Kendrick Lamar - Welcome To C4 (feat.

Lost Boyz Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless (Remix).
Cheeks, intro: freaky tah, everybody's buckin don't give it a damn.
Lost Boyz Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless.
it was released a year before the full album and helped the Lost Boyz make a name for themselves.For dem to get keys, dem and dem is mad tight is mad tight.Got a shorty named val val.It's all the same game it's.Everbody(echo verse 1 eeks, straight from cop killer queens, a juvenile named jack jack.Cheeks represent in the gutter gt;gutter Freaky Tah gettin lai that's my brudda gt;that's my brudda In the game gt;huh And hit you in the brain gt;huh And if I was cocaine gt;huh Believe it Im your main gt;huh Tally up it's the Lost Boyz.huh, chorus, lifestyles of the rich shameless shameless.Some die nameless some die nameless.