life gear inversion table manual

Adjust it so that it is set at 1 inch higher than your height.
Secure your ankles and lay back with your head against the table.
Their e-mail address is: Lifegear's website is: click here for generic heel cushions, pivot arms lifegear owners manuals.
She earned her Master of Science in nutrition from the University of Chicago and has contributed to buffer overflow attacks detect exploit prevent pdf health and wellness magazines, including Prevention, Self, Shape and Cooking Light.
75165 was once the now defunct company's best selling model.Connect the nylon strap located at the base of the table.They don't reply to your e-mail unless you show interest in buying a container of inversion tables.Make sure the adjustable boom is positioned properly.Wear some shoes that cover support your ankles.WikiHow Contributor, try wearing some short boots like "high top" tennis shoes laced.NO parts questions answered by phone.Reach up and grab the handles to pull yourself up from a position of total inversion.Do you have any suggestions?Change your life with MyPlate.

Stand on the instep frame with your back toward the table.
Pull the black spring-loaded pin to secure your ankles into place.
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The boom lists heights in inches and centimeters.Prior to going out of business in 2007, Lifegear manufactured nine models of inversion tables.The "Lifegear" Company went out of business years ago in the USA.My ankles hurt when I invert and my table doesn't come with these gravity boots I've heard about because it's not a teeter, it's a 700 series, I think.They do read cubase 5 64 bit windows 7 their emails, so send them one and let them know how you feel.Lift one of your arms to increase the degree of inversion.