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Exercises are for speaking Hindi.
In case, you are not getting clear picture from the lessons, visit the Hindi grammar pages.Seasons - spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, winter.Daily Hindi Sentences, this section is daily updated with a Hindi sentence along with complete explanation and the rules governing the sentence.Please subscribe to our newsletters or like.Clothes - pants, bag, shirt, skirt, shorts, trousers, hat sarong.Immerse yourself into the language.Invest 10 minutes of your sms chat 1.5 cracked time each ap the benefits of learning Marathi in only 30 days.You dont have to win the Nobel prize in Marathi literature.In spite of all reader rabbit math 4-6 these, many Tamils struggle to learn English.Learn Hindi Words, korean made simple pdf this section is for developing your Hindi vocabulary.Learn a lesson every day, in a week you power yourself to start a conversation on your own.

Those who can read and speak Hindi, leave this part for others and better jump.
It is simply because that they not have the confidence to speak fluent English.
Lessons are for reading and understanding Hindi.
Vocabulary, food - Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Fish, drink - Water, milk, tea, Yoghurt.
Do you want to meet?, have you had lunch?To give you an overall picture of the alphabets, we have shown all the 247 alphabets in the chart below.The remaining alphabets are consonantal vowels which are the combinations of these vowels and consonants.Learn the D of Marathi and here to learn, marathi alphabets chart with pictures and pronunciation.Lessons.If you feel that the huge number of the alphabets is overwhelming, relax and it will become very easy when we walk you through the rest of the lessons.Lesson 3 : Learn to read and write.Lesson 2 : am, is and are - questions.