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Rito An intended misspell of the name of the game company of League of Legends - Riot Games.
Teamfight When multiple champions, from each opposing side, gather in one area to battle.
Squishy A champion that can be killed easily due to low base health/defenses.Examples include Poke comp, Heal comp, Push comp, AoE comp, CC comp, etc.QSS Quicksilver Sash Quadra kill Slaying four enemy champions within a certain length of time.Experienced Lee Sin players often build Sightstone or Ruby Sightstone to complement this ability.FF Refers to /ff or 'forfeit another term for surrendering.An official term substitutes "ADC" (attack screenshot snipping tool for windows xp damage carry).Scrim Scrimmage: lagu one republic counting stars stafaband two teams competing against each other for fun in a non-tournament game.'MIA' is more common on the NA server than on EUW and eune.You dont need to pay fortune for skins.

Clutch move To perform a well-timed action while under pressure.
Support A category of champions whose forte is to support his/her allies' performance.
Map awareness To be conscious of the events occurring around the map.
Target cannot move or act during converter vcf to csv the knocking motion.
The secret base system is incorporated and players can place one of thirty-five Champion dolls for those looking to decorate their Secret Base.Gnar, Azir, Kalista, RekSai, nKindred, Illaoi, patch.1 Includes These Skins Which released Lately.Although the summoner may think that the Noxians are the source of all evil they will soon discover that a more sinister evil is at work trying to rule over Valoran.Map objective A task that is sought after which goes towards winning the match.If you do it right, you can effectively deny all creeps to your opponent while freely acquiring creep score without threat.Sometimes used in place of "B".Fid Fiddle FS Fiddlesticks Field of Justice An in-universe term for a location where champions do battle with each other.For example, going dual top instead of going with one top and one jungler.Lane bully A champion designed to win the lane phase against other champions.