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Download the Last Ranker translation patch.
Considering the wording flamethrower uses in the readme included with the patch, it is unlikely he will finish this, but he gives everyone instructions on how to build on his work and finish it if they so choose.
Link, download, ver English Patched: Download, ver JPN: Download, last Ranker is set in a world where most of the population consists of soldiers.
The people of the world, including main character Zig, register themselves in an organization which attempts to rank them in terms of battle preparedness.Instructions to patch the Last Ranker.However there was another game that never made it West that I thought looked pretty cool when it was announced, and was sure would come to the West, by Capcom which had done a pretty good job at supporting the PSP with high-quality games.Done: Interface, item lists and descriptions, most of the main story (scripts).Until now, the only way to enjoy the game was to watch a series of videos by user.Two ways to run this: 1) Rename your source ISO.What is the status of the translation?Your goal in the game is to lead Zig to the top rank.This is only an initial, partial release but a lot of work is already done, according to the hacker sp pyme plus 2004 keygen exe himself about 50 of the game is now translated.

That game was The Last Ranker, an imageepoch developed RPG where you play as a man named Zig who enters an combat organization where warriors are ranked on how they perform in battle and decides to fight his way to the very top.
While the Vita has been getting shafted more than normal when it comes to Japanese-made games crossing over the oceans to the hands of western users on both Europe (somehow Australia counts as Europe, ask Sony about it) and the Americas, this is not.
However there are a few other games that got the same treatment: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Grand Knights History and Valkyria Chronicles 3 being the most popular among that group.
If we roll back the clock all the way to the dying days of the PSP, we will notice a handful of games that were really high-profile that never made it to the West, the most egregious example of this being the non-release of Final.Here is the trailer from 2010: After the announcement I was relatively hyped to try out a new high-profile game on my PSP, especially a RPG, which is a genre I love and didnt really feel like I got enough of it on that console.To start enjoying another game you were never meant to click here to jump to the release page over at RomHacking and download the patch.2) Drag and drop your source ISO onto.Hope you guys enjoy this!