jquery social media tabs plugin

For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website).
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Pause Resume methods See the Pen cshID by Aamir Afridi ( @aamirafridi ) on CodePen.You're also allowed to add tabs data via JavaScript like this: var tabsData paneId: 'tab01 title: 'Tab em 1 /em of 12 content: 'Tab Number 1 Content active: true, disabled: false, paneId: 'tab02 title: 'Tab 2 of 12 content: 'Tab Number 2 Content active: false.This will override any custom cssClassLeftArrow and cssClassRightArrow settings.demo.likeDislike( reverseMode: true, activeBtn: localStorage'key'?See also: Basic usage:.Like-dislike is a really simple jQuery plugin for generating a like button widget on your website that displays the number of users who liked / disliked each content.demo.likeDislike( / update like / dislike counters click: function (btnType, likes, dislikes, event) var likesElem (this).find.likes var dislikedsElem (this).find.dislikes likes dislikes.Default plugin options.nav-tabs.scrollingTabs( / tabs data array tabs: null, / name of your tab object's property name that corresponds to that required tab property if your property name is different than the standard name (paneId, title, etc.) propPaneId: 'paneId propTitle: 'title propActive: 'active propDisabled: 'disabled.TabClickHandler: null, / Arrow class options subtitle good doctor episode 3 cssClassLeftArrow: 'glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-left cssClassRightArrow: 'glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-right' / Custom html string for the left and right scroll arrows.Also if you have an idea to improve the plugin please do let me know in comments below.

ReverseScroll: false, / set to a value less than 1 if you want the tabs container to be less than the full width of its parent element.
Github: important note: I am removing details about options events from this blog post as github has all the details so its hard to maintain both.
Place jQuery library and the jQuery like-dislike plugin at the bottom of your webpage.
The definitions of important web development concepts such as API, DOM, and CDN.Googling gives me quite few romantic fiction novels pdf jQuery plugins but they got so many options and complex html layout/structure was needed for the plugin to work.Scroll, arrowsOnFullyScrolled: false, / set to true if you want the left scroll arrow to slide the tabs left instead of right, and the right scroll arrow to slide the tabs right.Events See the Pen shqKg by Aamir Afridi ( @aamirafridi ) on CodePen.Enable swiping Revert from boundingClientRect.outerWidth prevent multiple window resize event listeners allow override scss variables add arrow class option add tab click callback option add touchstart and touchend support fixing some width and position issues hide scroll arrows on page load if they are.Just call the function on the tab navigation and you're done.nav-tabs.scrollingTabs.Table header is fixed only when at least some part of the table is in the viewport.Just like spotify does in their app.Call the function on the top element to active the plugin.