john smith texture pack 1.6 2 64x64

John Smith Technician's Remix is a variation of the original John Smith texture pack which is designed for use with modded Minecraft, such as the FTB modpacks, Tekkit and Tekkit Lite.
Date Updated, jSTR Legacy Overlay.1.4.7.x, download, may 30, 2015.
Due to the work involved I cannot support these files and you'll have to rename, move and replace the texture you want yourself.Download JohnSmith Resource Pack t/johnsmith-resource-pack download JohnSmith Texture Pack.5.2 for Minecraft p?actdl id ml?Note that Shaders require a powerful computer to run at a good frame rate.John Smith Alternatives -.1MB Usage Guidelines Things you can do Edit, use and share these textures in your own vanilla or modded resource pack as long credit is clearly given to JimStoneCraft, JohnSmith and JohnSmith Technician's Remix (jstr).This texture pack looks great on buildings partially because of the 3232 definition and because its a great pack.We are always looking for more people to help make the massive amount of modded textures in the minecraft game.John Smith Legacy.10.2 v6 2nd June 2017 -.9.4 -.10.2 -.6MB.Download, january 22, 2015, universal jstr.1.0.5.x, download, september 19, 2014.Votes *Credit for creating and developing, john Smith Legacy 3D Models goes to, glowstrontium, FilalPL.You're free to modify this resource pack for your own personal use and you're allowed to give your own modified pack to close friends (for a private server) but you may not redistribute your modified pack on a public forum or website.JohnSmith Legacy Resource Pack is quite an interesting resource pack, made in the style of the Middle Ages. .

This texture pack is a community favourite texture pack.
Minecraft.7.10 - The Update that Changed the World John Smith Legacy. - 26th December.4MB screenshot snipping tool for windows xp - Changelog John Smith Legacy JSC.0.31 - 26th December.4MB - Changelog Minecraft.6.4 - Horse Update John Smith Legacy. -.1MB - Changelog Minecraft.5.2.
Each patch is created by multiple community members and if anybody is interested in helping out check out our github here.You're encouraged to use this pack in any screenshots or videos you like and are free to monetize your videos as long as you put a link to this page in the video description.Changelog, john Smith Legacy JSC.1.33 2nd June 2017 -.8.9 -.8MB.Feed the Beast forums.Minecraft Forum t/topic/1544827-/.Changelog, minecraft.11.2 - Exploration Update, these Resource Packs are only compatible with the Minecraft.11 releases, they have been tested with OptiFine and Sildurs Vibrant Shaders, these are not required but do add some nice features like Connected Textures (CTM Better Skies, Random Mobs.