island the lost medallion game

THE jungle Collect all the global mapper 14 serial number yellow marked items that are on the list the list and bar are now back on the bottom.
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At any rate, when its solved one way or the other the door opens.
In order to collect the rest of the items you will need to use your metal detector.There is now a completed key in our inventory so put it on the bike and start it up James is off to find that island.Once you have placed them as shown in the insert you will be given a close up view of the door and a mini game.Click on the photo on the taskbar to bring up a mini game as shown in the insert in the upper right corner.

There is a complicated rope lock on the cage so click on it and play the mini game to open.
Photo puzzle Right click on the pieces to rotate them be sure to press the pieces into position when they are correctly placed they will become unmovable.
The right circle shows 44 which 8 as shown in the lower of that circle.Island: The Lost Medallion is a hidden object game for.Repeat THE sequence JAR mini game Putting water in each jar brings up the mini game shown in the insert.At the end of the game you will have stepping stones to cross the pond.The exit is now open so grab Pam out of the cage and leave.Combine the matches with the torch and use it to find your way to your next destination place the lighted torch on the lower portion of the pink square.