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As the barrier weakens, and Inuyasha's wounds get worse, his demon half begins to take control.
The demon, gatenmaru - tries to claim Tessaiga, but the sword rejects the demon.
Miroku tries to help Inuyasha, but the demon encases them in a poison cocoon with Tessaiga - transformed into a rusty sword again - trapped outside.The sheaths of the swords come from this tree.Sesshmaru asks about, inuyasha, and how he has changed sometimes into a pure demon.The tree demon explains that Inuyasha is sometimes overcome by his demon blood to preserve his life.

Sango is sitting by, miroku, who is ill from the poison of the Saimysh he fought while Sango followed her brother.
Bokusen tells Sesshmaru that whenever Inuyasha finds himself in a dire situation, and is without Tessaiga, his ykai blood takes over; eventually, Inuyasha's human soul will ipad 3 cases uk be completely devoured by his ykai blood and he will turn into a fearsome beast who only lives.
Sesshmaru, Jaken and, rin walk through the forest.
Tessaiga and, tenseiga, and tells him of the change.
Sesshmaru tracks down an ancient tree demon, Bokusen, whose boughs were used to create the scabbards.Inuyasha's Soul, Devoured is the fifty-first episode of the.Inuyasha's wound, rather than healing, is opening further due to the venomous dust, and Miroku worries that his barrier can't last forever.Miroku created a barrier within the cocoon, but Inuyasha is poisoned and cannot move.Inuyasha and his friends encounter a moth ykai called.Bokusen, a 2000 year old magnolia tree demon, speaks of the.Gatenmaru realizes that Inuyasha's human blood must allow him to wield the blade.Gatenmaru, who has been posing as a human leader of a group of bandits; Inuyasha and.The demon, desiring Tessaiga, battles Inuyasha, dousing him in toxic dust and slashing him across the torso with his battle-axe.