install openoffice 4.0 ubuntu 12.04

Linux DEB-based Installation One you download the Apache OpenOffice tar.
Installation Steps - RPM or DEB: Download nelson mandela history pdf to Installation Directory, Unpack Review the System Requirements Download your favorite Linux version of Apache OpenOffice Unpack the downloaded package to prepare for installation.
Note: Please check carefully before using a third-party build that it does actually include all the parts of Apache OpenOffice that you will require.Sudo apt-get remove -purge libreoffice* libexttextcat-data* sudo apt-get autoremove.Alternatively, you can use a GUI package installer, reference the installation directory, and install all rpms at the top level.Download Apache OpenOffice.x.x.If you wish to reuse personal data from a previous installation click Next.3) After the file is downloaded, go to the downloaded directory and click on Extract here.

I am not going to tell you to pick a side between LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
This is a major update and brings exciting new features and enhancements along with many bug fixes.
You should now refer to the online help (Choose "Apache OpenOffice Help" from the Help menu) or connect to the internet to obtain support from the web site by clicking the Support tab available from any web page.This will create an installation directory.Step 1: Check java Version, as Openoffice4 required java.6 ( Oracle java 6) or later versions.Download and install, java JRE if you need the features that are Java dependent.Select a setup type (we recommend Complete) and click Next.Download Apache OpenOffice.x.x, to download Apache OpenOffice from our website, you do not need to login.