icc fire inspector 1 study guide

Estimation and experience.
Any time they serve more than three floors.
1 inch (25 mm).
Periodic testing of systems is often referred to as:.Larger than 2 inches.A piece of trim board 1" x 3" x 8'.Heat retention during fire.Noncombustible buildings are only classificed as Type I construction.

Fire hazards from flammable liquids.
They frequently fail catastrophically.
Unorganized work drawers.Inspection of storm water control systems.Oxidation In the flaming mode of combustion, what type of fuel is required?To gain a reasonable expectation bbc restless episode 2 of the level of hazard a building presents.The presence of excessive air pockets in the concrete.Provide energy savings during times the building is in use.Combination system Which of the following terms describes the interlocking network of water mains that compose a water distribution system?