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Igor has already won in Drag Trade.
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I mostly trade with one and four hour charts.
The two were Chiffon (Vanessa Veracruz) and (Nikki Seven who were toplessly texting (and having sex with the bus driver when Lumberjack Man cleanly chopped off their heads with an axe, and Leon's head was impaled into the school bus roof.My strategy is the right choice of indicators, and the understanding of how the market moves comes with experience.I liked the possibility of making money using your head without any middlemen.File :g-(428 KB, 800x4390, g) Anonymous 11/12/09(Thu)21:00.1297777 Enough with all this spammery!Then, she yelled at the Lumberjack Man to come after her, which he promptly did when he smelled her flesh covered in real maple syrup.The biggest problem then was that the most brokers didn't move money to the market, but kept them circulating within the company instead.I won thanks to my persistence, lucky combination of circumstances, correct calculation and, of course, more or less decent preparation during all those years.I don't use analytics and trade only based on my own understanding of the current market situation.

Sometimes I was in the top ten, even the second, but couldn't take the first place.
As a freelance job, I make expert advisors and indicators.
Faith revealed herself to be the great-great granddaughter of JT Jeppson, and she faced off against the Lumberjack Man - chastising him for his "total lack of business sense" with pancake sales.
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