game maker studio top down shooter

Price may vary as the size of the engine increases, so get it while it's cheap!
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Features : Pixel-Perfect Collision, player Input/Movement, aiming/Shooting towards mouse cursor.How long until you went full time as an indie from having a day job?Sample Bullet Explosion FX, slope functionality, smooth camera ( screen shake).Created with GameMaker: Studio.4.1451, age Rating:.I will add features and more weapons, enemies, and features as I can!Video Playlist:, file Link: Project Download, tags: Top Down Shooter, Shooter Tutorial, Tutorial, Game Maker Tutorial, GML Tutorial.15 14 comments, why is there massive input lag in some games, and almost none assault course game miniclip in others?N.B:- Any attached fonts may not be royalty free and should not be used for financial gain without the creators permission).GameMaker Studio (GML this is our ongoing project for 'Series One an as yet unnamed Top Down Zombie Shooter, for more information on this and other projects, visit.Making Games 101 is a series of weekly 'follow along' instructional videos for creating fun, well developed games.

GM Version: Studio, file Type:.gmk, file Size: 800kb.
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Created by, jonti Sparrow, all artwork is royalty free and free to use for any purpose under creative commons.
Sample Enemy AI (line of sight, shooting at player, etc).You can now grab, drop, and hurl weapon pickups!Makes use of particle trail scripts found here: m/assets/212/draw-trail.Is this game too offensive for PC gamers?The input/physics were coded in a particular way in order to mimic fast-paced popular, shooters like Nuclear Throne and Hotline Miami.Was this article helpful?1 out of 1 found this helpful.