fusion sega cd emulator

When I load the.cue file that was included in the zip file, it brings me to the CD player, displaying each track included in the game, although none of these tracks appear to be audible either.
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Daemon Tools is a Program where you Can Load up ISO's in a Vitrual CD Rom and use it as a Normal CD/DVD Rom Site Here: /eng/home Sounds like you got it working by Downloading the one from here.The Following User Says Thank You to MaslowK For This Useful Post: 8th-June-2012 11:00 #3, try Loading the.cue File 8th-June-2012 19:06 #4 @MaslowK: Yes, I followed those steps exactly numerous times, using every variation of the USA bios files that were available and yet I'm still [email protected]: The single USA bios that I am currently using appears to run with my US version of Sonic CD just fine as.8th-June-2012 04:20 #1, kega Fusion Emulator: Sega CD Start-Up Complications.

Ntsc could be (USA) or (JAP).
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The Following User Says Thank You to Dave The Man For This Useful Post: 9th-June-2012 10:17 #10.
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