fs global 2010 p3dv2

Cons: - Well, there's really ms office 2013 full version windows 8 only one, in my book.
While I've listed this as a con, I'm almost inclined to recommend it stay that way as it's fine for the most part and any quality-cutting in this regard likely reduces VAS usage.
And I'm sure low VAS usage is something.
Like many P3Ders, I clear out the shader cache.You can see that Paulo attempted to blend the textures into one another but, at 10,000 ft above, such blending doesn't make much of a difference.I'll put this into "sub-cons" since there are several aspects to this: - Of course, you buy an airport, install it and the load it up for the first time.Bienvenido a la sección de ayuda básica.When you load up the airport for the first time, you'll see a really, really low-quality runway texture but you figure it'll go away and/or some higher-quality render will layer on top of it or something.

Por el momento esperamos que estas preguntas y respuestas te ayuden a resolver algunos problemas que tengas relacionadas con el funcionamiento de la Compañía.
This is most notable on the southern edge of the scenery area (southeast of the airport).
The city buildings look good as well.
Makes for great flights to Tropical Sim's Santos Dumont (also P3D2 compatible) as well as many of the scheduled European, Caribbean, and North American routes.A developer integrating their night lighting with FTX Global is a fantastic idea.And that's the quality of some of the textures.Paulo does a great job with the night lighting and getting that to blend with the FTX Global night lighting but the daytime photo scenery doesn't follow suit.The photo scenery landscape is more of a minty green where as FTX Global is, er, more of a standard green.Ricardo was going for here.Foro y deja tu pregunta allí.Lastly, moving jetways.The pros: - Wonderfully done airport and city.