flex builder 4.5 serial number

Execution Control, flash Builder allows fine-grained control over the execution of each line of code while debugging.
Applications can be launched as a separate process (Run or Flash Builder can attach to the running application (Debug).
Network Monitor, many applications developed with Flash Builder communicate with external services to read or write data.Breakpoints can be set by clicking to the left of the line number in the editor, choosing Run Toggle Breakpoint, or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-B (Win) or Command-Shift-B (OS X).The Network Monitor tracks all requests, including the URL, Request and Response Times, Duration, and Operation.Breakpoints, when debugging an application, you can set breakpoints to indicate you want the application to pause when it reaches a certain line of code.Desktop applications will be run using the AIR runtime.By default, the debugger will stop before the code on the selected line is executed.

This means Flash Builder.5 users wont automatically be notified ta fagame oloi mazi about the update and will have to download the full Flash Builder.6 installer and enter their Flash Builder.5 serial number.
To run the default application, choose Run Run main (where main is the name of your default mxml file).
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Flash Builder.5 and Flex.5 f1 2010 game soundtrack New Features.
Handling navigation in a view-based mobile application.Flash Builder includes the Network Monitor view, which provides visibility into the network calls made by the application under development.Flash Builder is configured by default to use your primary mxml file as the entry point.For web applications this will launch your application in a browser using the html-template.If you want to debug the application you can launch it by choosing Run Debug main.However, you can set up multiple Run/Debug configurations using different entry points.A lot is included in this update, so much so that we couldnt deliver it in the Adobe Application Manager. .The course also shows how to work with projects created by designers in Flash Catalyst.Topics include: Coding with Quick Assist, using code completion on metadata tags and states.