fifa 16 pc game kickass

Skyfail ml, i downloaded this fifa.
Skyfail So own rosters mean current customized?
Try to re-install the vampire diaries ebook jar game also deleting the fifa 14 folder from my documents, when creating the career select the current rosters (own rosters).
Crashfifa, with the new fifa not show error?
The engine has a huge error somewhere that disconnects you during a game (average 1 in 5 games sometimes more).This is one of the few games in this age where when you loose while doing everything perfect.People still abondon the match and you will not get the points.What could be wrong?Please do total overdose psp cso a full backup of your.Skyfail, yes, as I told you.LukasLT Stop making shit.

LukasLT Skyfail, when you make a new Career (manager or player) there is a opinion.
The game engine dictates if you will win or s, sounds strange right?
Crashfifa, two versions of fifa (not including the one you sent) crashes the game, what do you say to blame?
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