fat joe feat lil wayne crack house

Common common thats too many ringtones.8 what u want me to tell.
And they hustle yay NOT vitamin water.
La la lala la.
Hand on a shot gun, and I'm riding shot gun, uzis, banana clips, what what I got some.Six million ways to make it rain holla.Chorus: Lil Wayne Heeey, this is the crackhouse, welcome to the crackhouse Man I'm talkin' more pies than a frat house This is the problem, this is not music I hope you find it cuz he about to lose it Joey don't do it, Joey.Fuck a club I got a strip pole in my house (yeah!) 6 million ways to make it rain, hold.Now core php programming ebook blow that mother f*kin kush up in da sky.So much coke a nigga change his government.Hey, this is the crack house, welcome to the crack house; I mean, Im talking more parties than a frat house.Yellow mustard Phantom car it Grey Poupon.Previous: Feature Friday #103, share and Enjoy.We in the crack house ( verse 2 fat joe u gotta touch ur toes oh I'm out.Now we can all sing along for the f*k.

Convicts in my plane when we roll.
Chorus: Lil Wayne, heeey, this is the crackhouse, welcome to the crackhouse.
Now blow that motherfucking corpse party blood covered repeated fear iso english kush up in the sky.
I hope u find it cause he about to loose.
Conflicts in ma chain from Angola.This is the problem this is not music.Bring em to the crackhouse, show em the crackhouse.Fat Joe s, kisah nabi muhammad saw filetype pdf the Crack House song featuring, lil Wayne and, dre from production duo Cool Dre.Bullets are wholesale, food stamps, coupons.Make it rain, Mary Anna go and grab an umbrella.Verse 1: Fat Joe, oh no, Oh Joe, he's did it he's back.Uzis, banana clips, what what, I got some.I'm eatin I'm eatin i'm sleepin' on a billion dollars!Conflicts in my chain from Mangola.