fairy tail episode 160

Le parfum qui t'est dédié 173.
155 Suddenly, Jellal seems to finally piece together and realize all of his doubts about the Lucy from the future, and why he seems to be so unsure of her.
Le chant des étoiles 154.
L'invitation du dragon.
Jellal used this on Erza to immobilize her for the sacrifice ceremony to revive Zeref.Combat de chasseurs de dragons 174.In a split second attempt to stop Ichiya from hitting Erza, Jellal forces the two of them down into the water, and though Erza is saved, she becomes embarrassed to see that he grabbed her chest in the process, much to his embarrassment, prompting him.L'équipe la plus puissante!Affiliation, previous Affiliation, status, active, image Gallery, jellal Fernandes (.Les sept dragons 194.37 Jellal is a very honest person, as stated by Erza, who points out that Jellal has had difficulty lying since childhood.

146 Water Magic ( Mizu Kei bones season 10 episode 22 Kakushu Mah Jellal is able to use Water Magic, a form of Magic which, as the name blur pc game crack only implies, allows the user to generate, manipulate and control water.
Fairy Tail - Épisode 97 - Meilleur partenaire.
96 Immense 2011 icc world cup game Magic Power : Jellal has been shown to possess a vast amount of Magic Power, enough for him to be made a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, a group containing some of the strongest Mages in Earth Land, 6 as well.He was always cheerful and optimistic, despite his disposition as a slave.167 Tartaros arc Jellal blocks a punch from Cobra At the request of Doranbolt, Jellal and Meredy meet up with the Oración Seis after the Council worker releases them from prison.5 Jellal being possessed by "Zeref" There, after a failed escape attempt and the reclusion that followed it, he was possessed by what he believed was the legendary Dark Mage Zeref, supplanting his former kind personality with a more violent one, which made him almost.Later that day, he, Sieg, and their look-alike, Mystogan, witness Erza viciously attack the students from Phantom Academy again and all three of them call her a monster, much to her horror.251 252 Jellal, as Siegrain, was on Lucy's "Perfect Boyfriend" list, right on top of Loke.