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Clearly labeled keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of the screen make these tasks easy to accomplish.
I wasnt as fond of the blank screen Unibox displayed upon loading until I manually refreshed my mail.
Mail Pilot treats your inbox as a to-do list.An inspector pane next to each message shows you not only who sent it and, with a click, their entire contact card from your address bookbut breaks out any links, images, maps, or package delivery info it finds in the message.But with so may options to choose from, its now even harder to pick out the best email client for your particular needs.Setting up imap accounts is fast and easy, and once your mailboxes are populated, Unibox displays them not by message title, but by who sent you mail on a given day.On the other end of the spectrum, MailMate is ideal for tech-savvy experienced users who want to rule their inbox like a cruel, all-powerful god.The new message window slides down from the top of each message thread.But overall, Postbox seems like the best mix of price, capabilities, and quality for the majority of Mac users.

I occasionally had trouble logging in to Inky, and had to quit and restart the program a few times to get to my mail.
Personalize your emails using html (HyperText Markup Language better manage.
And Inky doesnt offer business-friendly features like to-do lists, or any bells and whistles beyond sorting and handling email.
Setting up new POP and imap accounts went smoothly; in one case, when I tried to set up a work Outlook account, Postbox patiently guessed at several different imap configurations until it found the right one.And you can tie in your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to not only get links to your contacts on those services, but post to all three directly from Postbox.Finding and using all these features can get a bit intimidating when you first start using it, but Postboxs clear, straightforward, and easily searchable online help files make the learning curve much gentler.But while the programs interface is nice to look at, its not always easy to use, with tiny, hard-to-see buttons and space-hogging hidden valley cheesy ranch turkey burgers new message windows.Gmail messages also take an unusually long time to load; promised Dropbox support proved impossible to set up; and AirMail offers few help features.Once youve set up that info, a single Inky login will bring all your email to any computer youre using Inky with.I really enjoyed Uniboxs sleek and efficient one-window interface, which makes maximum use of space while still displaying your mail clearly.Built for portability, Inky ( ) stores information for your POP and imap accountsbut not your mail itselfsecurely on its remote servers.