easy file sharing web server 6.0 registration code

Fixed a bug in maximum user upload file size.
Support for GUI remote administration client.
Fix a client compatible problem for SSL client authentication for TLS.2.
3.3 Add four new parameters (exclude_user, exclude_file, exclude_dir, exclude_group) for e-mail notification configuration file.Fixed a bug in displaying error log for remote administration client.This process automatically updates your configuration file(s) with the new authhash and if the stream is set to be public then will attempt to get the stream listed in the shoutcast Radio Directory.I?modereload or i?modereload force1 - This reloads the stream configuration details in the main configuration file the server used when started and is only available on the admin summary page and so can only be run by the master administrator password.When virtual path comes from external authentication, using games cricket ipl 2011 username variable for associated real path is supported.If this is not specified then 'password' will be used.For most people this should not be an issue as the memory is not really allocated unless it is used.Streamautodumpusers : Enable to allow the server to disconnect clients if the source disconnects.Support for IP range with format such as -, or -24.FTP connection will be closed if user can't login into ftp server within 120 seconds.Maxhttpredirects : Specify the maximum number of times we can redirect when relaying Default 5 Legacy Options relayport : Port of the source to use for the relay Default: 80 relayserver : Url of the source to relay Default no value Using the stream configuration.Fix a bug that when a virtual path has the same name of its real path, there are duplicate paths in the ftp directory list.

On screen log will automatically scroll to the end.
There will be no need to manually re-calculating" from GUI.
Because contents of column will keep updating, it may not always sorted) Change the time in ftp session log from GMT to local time.
With the following stream configuration streammaxuser_1 64 maxuser 32 This allows a total of 32 connections to the server but with a per stream limit above the maximum means the maximum number of connections to the first stream group will.
Support for UNC path impersonation, server can access remote network shares easily with different impersonation accounts.Fix a bug that the option "Don't use odbc connection pooling" doesn't really take effect.Sc_serv_1.log, logfile _1 will be moved into logfile.g.Add a new option to overwrite exiting file when renaming.It can prevent ftp links from leeching by unauthorized people Support mode Z function.Add a new option "Force all users except anonymous user to login using SSL" in virtual server's security settings.If you wanted to have mobile clients connect to a lower bandwidth stream then you could direct them to ' serverurl /mobile' The server options available for controlling how the stream's path is specified can be seen in section.12 which also details the equivalent.Autodumpsourcetime : Specify how long before an idle source is dumped from the server (in seconds) Default: 30 A value of zero means there is no timeout of an idle source.Streamrelayurl : Specify the full url of source to relay (if this is a relay).(2016-8-2 support float value for file_size variable in email notification.