duplicate sweeper activation code

Prioritization of tickets through ticket priorities and followups.
Fixed: Checksum problem in (IE10/11).
Fixed: Deployment executable path bug.
Lansweeper build-in webserver has been replaced by IIS express (which supports integrated authentication) Fixed problem with lsremote.Added: Linux Mac software click through.Support for Aastra IP Phone scanning.Database timeouts problems on nbr iso iec 27005 slower servers have been solved.Approved software with unicode characters can now be used.Added: License key scanning support for additional Adobe keys.Fixed: Several minor graphic glitches.Service, Website 5044 Changed "All Reports" and px layout and sorting order.

Internet explorer version automatically added to list of installed software if the information is not available in the add/remove programs list.
Fixed: Double entries in vmware guests.
Rescan Full scan computers devices from the actions page Rescan and full rescan buttons for all computers in a report Full history timeline of changes Timeline of changes per computer smbiosassetTag search added mac as a device action minecraft 1.6 2 hunger games map parameter Added support for yyyy-mm-dd date format.
New authentication method and customizable login page.Service, Website 5222, Lspush Added: IIS Express.0 added to installer for 64 bit machines.Status Asset: Harddrive.M.A.R.T.Fixed: Upon rescan the IP address of Windows computers is not updated on the asset page.Fixed: Generating a QR code does not work for all serial numbers.Lsremote Upgraded to the latest vnc version which fixes some known problems on windows 7 machines.A calendar to keep track of meetings, vacation days and more.Fixed: Problem when saving multiple computer exclusions.