dreamfall chapters patch 1.1.3

Collision fixes in various locations.
Collision fix on stairs to university lab in Europolis.
You will no longer see any 'immersion breaking' messagesbut you might also miss out on some of the more subtle consequences of your choices and actions in the game.
On the other hand, your stuff can do what ordinary windows game untuk hp bb 8530 can, including spanning multiple monitors (even if the game engine doesn't have explicit support for it).Reducing the Shadow Distance (in-game visual settings) may lead to better performance as this controls the distance at which an object must be from the camera to produce shadows.This addresses issues players were having while opening the inventory in House of All Worlds, resulting in either seeing Zöe's items from Europolis or creating a bug where terra nova season 1 episode 10 the cursor would be stuck on screen, making it harder to move around.Spotka si kto z czym takim?Wrong gender on one of the NPCs near Pandemonium Fixed window and door camera collisions in Dr Roman's office to avoid camera clipping through surfaces.Replaced missing lightmaps in Pandemonium.No more interactables on moved or removed assets (e.g.Fixed an issue where if you talk to Reza before visiting Dr Roman in Chapter 4, you get an extra goal that never disappears.Added version number in title settings menu: you can finally see which version of the game you're running!

De-synced synchronised NPC animations in Friar's Keep (Murron's guards) and in Europolis (EYE guards harassing Nela).
Fixed a problem on MacBooks where the game would be frozen after the laptop goes to sleep and wakes up again.
Shi*bot regains missing flapping fabric animations for his stupid mouth.
Niestety okazuje si, e napisy zostay skrócone, natomiast mówione wypowiedzi s w wersji sprzed aktualizacji, przez co postaci zamarzaj, a czytany tekst jest wybrakowany i niedopasowany do syszalnych wypowiedzi.
Fixed a bug where labels/text for items in drop-down lists would disappear (and made the lists look better).We are working on a permanent fix.This can be manually re-enabled but will affect frame-rate.Footsteps have been fixed in Friar's Keep.Added Invert X menu option.Locations may produce variable framerates based on the current viewport and lighting.Added buzzer interaction if Zoe goes to Pandemonium directly after Nela.If you aggressively push up against certain steam machines in Marcuria, its possible to get stuck in the scenery.We will fix this in the next patch.Please note that this will remove Storyflags (player progress) in the chosen Book, but keeps the progress from previous Books.