drama gu family book ep 17

Tae Seo, through oi as his informant, got an information from s conversation with Seo Hwas translator.
Dam about his father, Yeo Wool was brought into the woods by two jimmy neutron boy genius game pc people. .
Its the first time for him.
Suddenly Wol Ryeong remembered how he used to have the same feelings with Seo Hwa and even said the same thing when they were threatened.Wol Ryeong told her to shut her mouth, but Yeo Wool spoke even louder.Kang Chi came in the right time.Complained that the Resident belonged to him, but the lady reminded him that it was not.Yeo Wool was fighting the men with her eyes close.But it was not the wound that troubled him.

But the old man beat his son.
But Yeo Wool had taught him how to react when hes meeting any Japanese ninjas.
If he failed, he would never come back to pick up the beads.
The truth e truth is Yeo Wool-a.
Dam in the incident in front of his place the other day.Yeo Wool visited Kang Chi in the kitchen.She said if hes really his father, he shouldnt let Kang Chi suffered any longer.The Monk sensed theres someone or something in his library, and hes right.Then Tae Seo reported this matter.