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Head towards the exit and reunite with Rose and, after a few more scenes, Meru.
Talk to the merchant to learn about elements, items, and how to use items, and buy some items if you have any spare money (once you leave, he won't be back).
Press "X" immediately when the "!" appears or else you'll have to start all over.In fact, I highly recommend you level up a couple of times before you move.Go to the right and.In the next room is a save point and only one path (this is where you got that chest above).

When it is your turn, you'll be asked if it is a bill.
You'll come to the trash room.
Though he has some pretty mean physical and magic attacks, this guy isn't too difficult as long as you've mastered your additions.
Talk to Kaffie and Nello, but neither will help.
Be warned that if you start the side quest, leave, and then come back, all the enemies will have returned.Once in Fletz, the King will talk to you.Magic or physical, either will work against Zieg.Have Albert use his Rose Storm again, and have Dart use his Dragoon Magic.If you're outlook signature html image appearing attachment caught by one of the Laptos, you'll be sent to a prison, but Kongol will break you out.Boss: Last Kraken The easiest way to take out this guy is to use Dragoon Special right away.You'll enter a new screen where you get two items (Stun Guard, Magic Stone of Signet).Your next destination is the Black Castle in Kazas.Although it's tough, it's not wise to waste your Dragoon mode on him, unless you plan to go back, use the white flame to heal yourself and fight your way to the top again.