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He had to leave the team later on in order to take care of Nobita.
Mice, favorite color, blue, favorite food, dorayaki.
"Because of this, I know that Nobita can't study, Nobita can't play, Nobita is useless but Nobita is a good person" Doraemon to Nobita Doraemon suggests Nobita to go home and the bell is impossible to find in the dark and Nobita apologizes.
That includes robotic ones and toys shaped like mice.
These events were also animated into the 2005 intro to the current anime series.Doraemon's position in the team is the pitcher and he has the jacket number.English voice actor Mona Marshall Vietnamese cast Hoài Vân (other 1990s) Nguyn Thùy Tiên (2010-present) Other language(s) cast 1979 anime : Amal Saad Alddin (Arabic cast) Sonal Kaushal (Hindi cast) Sabina Ashab (Bengali cast) Chanthana Tharajan (Thai cast) Jimmy Figeroa/Jefferson Utanes/Bernie Malejana (Philippines cast) Estíbaliz.In the original history where Doraemon did not interfere, Nobita marries Jaiko (Gian's sister, although he loves Shizuka never finds a good job, starts his own business, and eventually goes bankrupt.In the original storyline of the manga, Doraemon is sent back from the 22nd century to the present day to aid Nobita Nobi, a highly unlucky fourth-grader from Nerima in Tokyo, by his great-great-grandson Sewashi.He holds many parties, helps others that are being bullied and stops cats from arguing.Shizuka often invites him to her house to taste her food, which is usually loved by both Doraemon and Nobita.

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Doreymon Hindi Drmn Japanese Doraemon Korean Dora-emong Telugu Drmn Thai Doh-raa-ay-mon Vietnamese ôrêmon Trivia Daku points out Doraemon's nakedness Doraemon's lack of clothing was lampshaded by Daku.
It is due to the confusion because Malay language lack dinstinction to the species.
Most of the times, whenever Nobita comes home crying and whining about his bad day, Nobita would pounce on and/or wrap his arms around Doraemon begging for something to make him feel better.
Ministry spokesman explained the novel decision as an attempt to help people in other countries to understand Japanese anime better and to deepen their interest in Japanese culture.
He is usually quite shy.Nobita wants to go home and said that he can't do anything but it was stopped by Doraemon.According to Gatchako, Doraemon was sent to the present time for training as he was an inferior student at the robot academy.As Nobita wears his shoes he finds Doraemon's bell in one of them and the two of them laugh.This proves that Doraemon isn't always stone cold or heartless.However, since he's a robot, his nudity could be covered with his mechanical parts and there is not much design to his body besides a built-in 4D Pocket.He is also the one who gave the name to his baseball team.His bell can still be replaced but he has no money for replacement.In 2005 anime, the episode "Galaxy Car Race" flashback shown him that his ear bitten by real mice instead of robotic mice.