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Doom 3 (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox) Distinguishing its self from previous titles, the new doom focuses more on an engrossing single player experience.
If you're checking a DVD backup and have AnyDVD or a similar app installed, make absolutely sure the process is killed!
Make sure to run the sfv and try extracting it again (assuming you have the sfv/rars) and recheck the ISO/DVD to see if you get the same CRC.This is a bad rip (the most likely cause).This collector's edition expands on the PC game with full playable versions of ultimate doom and doom II (with 2-4 player split-screen modes in deathmatch or co-op interviews with the id development team, a G4 "Icons" behind-the-scenes featurette, and concept art of the game.Microsoft does not take kindly to modifications for any purpose, and even benign changes to game data or settings will get you banned from Xbox Live!E:xbox360doom 3 - BFG Edition russound Piratcadoom-3-rus.If you see a!

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Server file abgx360.dat no newer than local file - not retrieving.
Checking Game, iSO: "E:xbox360doom 3 - BFG Edition russound o".
Server file TOP_XGD3-DID-F87A804E_a1 no newer than local file - not retrieving.
See "What is AnyDVD style corruption?" in the GUI Quickstart tab for more info on game data corruption.icon, hover over it with your mouse to read the alt text.Xex, title ID: F1 (BS-2033).3/20/07 Files:.Doom O Platform.O (12,04 Kb) imars-doom-pal360.r00 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r01 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r02 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r03 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r04 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r05 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r06 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r07 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r08 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r09 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r10 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r11 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r12 (95,37 Mb) imars-doom-pal360.r13 (95,37 Mb).Total bytes used: (85.60 game appears to have random padding.Original PE Filename: Doom3.exe, original PE Timestamp: 2012/08/17 21:24:50, min Kernel Required: v2.0.15574.0 title icon.It's also highly recommended to run abgx360 again with AutoFix set to level 3 if you applied a PPF to make sure stealth files haven't been corrupted.