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The latest version.70.
If you've encountered this version, we suggest you treat any machine that's run the malicious version as potentially compromised, change any passwords that might have been stolen, and resecure the accounts they protect.
Also, for the first time, the Windows executables in this release (including the installer) are signed using an Authenticode certificate, to help protect against tampering in transit from our website or after downloading.
The development snapshots mahjong titans windows 8 will now have MSI installers, and we have also retrospectively generated an MSI installer for the recent.67 release.But we recommend that people use the MSI if possible, and if you must use the Inno Setup installer, make sure to put it in an empty directory before running.Also, for the first time, it comes in a 64-bit Windows version.By Default setup Directory.PuTTY.68 released, containing ECC, a 64-bit build, and security fixes.Feedback and bug reporting: contact address and guidelines.We'd appreciate testing of the pre-release builds, which are available from the Download page as usual.Reload to refresh your session.However, if you have any reason to want to use a 64-bit build (e.g.PuTTY.66 released, fixing a security hole PuTTY.66, released today, fixes a security hole.65 and before: dirt showdown cd key vuln-ech-overflow.PC no audio, computer keyboard locked and Windows device mal-function.

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Poor system performance and high CPU/Memory use.
We've had no success requesting AV software vendors to perform more in-depth analysis.
GPG key rollover This week we've generated a fresh set of GPG keys for signing PuTTY release and snapshot builds.
We've also redesigned our website.When to put it to use?.dll file is lost,.dll file was not found, cannot find.dll file.This affects the latest release (0.64) and also the development snapshots (particularly puttygen.The old Download page isn't there any more: instead, we have separate pages for the latest release and the development snapshots.Legal warning : ea formula 1 game Use of PuTTY, pscp, psftp and Plink is illegal in countries where encryption is outlawed.You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics.We will begin signing snapshots with the new snapshot key, and future releases with the new release key.This will be a bug-fix release: it will not contain the various new cryptographic features in the development snapshots, but it will contain large and small bug fixes over.64, including in particular a fix for the recent Vista-specific bug in which the configuration dialog.