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Episode 10 - Metal Imbalance 9 years ago cheat atm xp ninja saga Ursula and her team head to an abandoned iron mill in Japan to collect Alpha Metal for reconstructing their island base.
A Loch Ness Mess.
Episode 24 - X-treme Map Quest 8 years ago The Alpha Gang joins the D-Team to fight Blackbeardâ?Ruff and Ready.Episode 25 - High Sea Chase 8 years ago The battle over the treasure map moves to the high seas.Escape from Zeta Point.However, their fathers' attentions are instead quickly drawn to the beautiful geisha who roam the city's streets.They arrive just in time to find Max's mother cornered by the dinosaur in a city marketplace.Episode 22 - There's No Place Like Rome 8 years ago In the final episode of the D-Team's adventures in Ancient Rome, the legendary gladiator, Spartacus, is forced to battle a Dinosaur in Rome's Coliseum.Report, you're watching, dinosaur King (Dubbed) Episode 14 in High Quality Or HD Video, make sure to watch the next episode only.Prehistory in the Making.Episode 15 - Lights, Camera, Destruction!

As of late 2014, all Dinosaur King episodes have been removed from Hulu, and have been listed as Private (unviewable by the public) on 4Kids' official channel (though a few random episodes may still be up at any given moment).
They unwittingly awaken the Pawpawsaurus that guards the holy site, but when Max and friends arrive, this dinosaur turns on them, blocking any attack they launch against Team Alpha's dinosaur sidekicks.
Episode 2 - Daddy Dearest Episode 1 - Carnival of Chaos Season 1 0 sources Review Dinosaur King.Episode 64 - The No-Fun Shogun 8 years ago Max and his friends accompany the Shogun to find the Cosmos Stone Episode 62 - The Third Cosmos Stone 8 years ago Max and the gang must rescue Sanzo Episode 61 - Monk in the Middle.A Mesozoic Mess.Episode 7 - Battle Royale!Episode 5 - Temple Tempest 9 years ago Despite a warning that any entrance will anger the native gods, Team Alpha ventures into an underground temple in search of the Alpha Metal they need to repair their malfunctioning fortress.