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Vyacheslav also filled in a few missing spots in the U2000-U27FF area,.g., the box drawing section, sets of subscript and superscript digits and capital Roman numbers.
9-B-10000 to 9-B-39999 were issued, between the early 1980s and 1992, for Ilfov (or the Ilfov Agricultural Sector).
Mohamed Ishan has started a Thaana Unicode Project.
X: XBobsExtraPictures, XBobsStandardChess, XChessNut, XChessNutTwo, XChesstertonTwo, XCompuTerBuggz, XGalaxies, XGalaxyOne, XIngDingLeftover, XIngyArrows, XIngyArrowsBetween, XIngyArrowsTwo, XIngyDingIII, XIngyDingTwo, XIngyDings, XInterntnlMorseCodeIT, XKiddyChessFont, XKnightMares, XLaserTrainBold, XLaserTrainPlain, XLastMinuteChess, XLeef Me Alone (leaf dingbats xmmcheckered, xmmdrawings, xmmpattern, XMattsAnimalsOne, XMoreTexture, XPatColumRow, XPatCzeckerz, cannot offline address book outlook 2010 XPawnShop, XPhyngern (fists XPointedDesert, XRoomingHouse, XSchneeFlaken (1995 XSchneeFlaken, XSchneeFlakenTwo, XSeederChess, XSeederChessSmall.M Turnu-Mgurele Teleorman Tm Timioara Timi-Torontal Tgh Tighina Tighina.Among these stand out XXX, HEL (hell IAD (hell RAY and GOD.V: ValManGal, Valenteena, ValenteenaBroken, ValentinaContour, Valentine-Regular, Valgal, ValgalBold, Vglee, VunderScriptBold, VunderScriptPlain.Note that some time around 2009, the hiragana and katakana ranges were deleted.C (24 x 13 cm) is used exclusively by motorcycles.In around 1982, after 19-B-9999 had been reached, it was decided to begin the series 1-B with five digits.Many (most?) fonts are licensed from URW and come with a performance guarantee.W: WalcomeOne, WalcomeOneBold, Watchmaker, WatchmakerBold, WaterCloset, WaterWorksCaps (1992 WaterWorksCaps-Bold, WaterWorksCaps-Regular, WaterWorksCapsBold, WaterWorksCapsPlain, WeirdChessFont, Wetetque (1991, an all caps multiline family WetetqueBold, WetetquePlain (1991 Whichit, WhichitBold, WhichitTwo, WhichitTwoBold, WrenchedLetters, WurstCactus, WurstHassen, WurstchenDotted, WurstchenOutlined, WurstchenSplatted, WyomingMacroni, WyomingMacroniPegged, WyomingMacroniShadRight, WyomingMacroniShadowed, Wyoming Pastad (1994, Western slab face WyomingPastadShadLeft, WyomingPastadShadowed.J: JabcedHy, JabcedHyBold, JabcedHyBoldItalic, JabcedHyItalic, JasperSqueeze, JasperSqueezeBold, JasperSqueezeBoldItalic, JasperSqueezeEB, JasperSqueezeEBItalic, JasperSqueezeItalic, JenneriCurved, Jennerik, JennerikBold, stock exchange holidays 2014 JennerikExtraBold, JennerikInfml-Bold, JennerikInfml, JennerikInfmlBold, JennerikInfmlExtraBold, JennerikInfmlPlain, JennerikInfmlXBold, JennerikRoman, Jester, JesterRES (Tuscan JesterTwo (Tuscan Jestres, JetJanBoldItalicGray, JetJaneButton, JetJaneMonoBold, JetJaneMonoBoldItalic, JetJaneMonoCapsBold, JetJaneMonoCapsPlain, JetJaneMonoCapsThin, JetJaneMonoItalic, JetJaneMonoPlain, JetJaneMonoThinBook, JetJaneMonoThinItalic.

Fonts can be found at ctan and cover Tamil (U0B80-U0BFF).
Military plates issued more recently (from 2002 onwards) tend to include the European strip.
Following the 1968 reorganisation of Romania's counties, new codes were introduced.References edit a b c d e f "HEL, IAD, GOD i XXX, printre cele mai râvnite numere de înmatriculare".Anshuman Pandey from the same university took over the maintenance of font.The label does not have a specific slot and can be placed anywhere, but the right side is preferred and plates usually come with a slot for them.GNU FreeFont is a free family of scalable outline fonts, suitable for general use on computers and for desktop publishing.In 1991, Frans Velthuis from the Groningen University, The Netherlands, released a Devanagari font resume builder source code php as Metafont source, available under the terms of GNU GPL.Long-term temporary plates edit Temporary plate from Bucharest The long-term temporary plates are similar to the short-term plates but use a black inscription instead of red and the number never starts with zero.