digimon tamers episode 4 sub indo

Unfortunatly, the highly compressed games under 10mb Red Card's effects wear off and the Megas de-digivolve, but Guilmon flings Takato to Jeri and the two are finally reunited.
Rika goes off by herself and Calumon searches for everyone.
Later, Devidramon appears and fights Guilmon.
As Jeri is chasing him Takato calls Henry and Rika who come to the park.
He digivolves into Gargomon but cant control his powers and almost hurts Rika but she is saved by Guilmon.She changed into a D-Reaper digimon called the Agent.33 "Rabbit Transit" Where is Terriermon?Guilmon manages to push it off but in the act gets possessed.When Henry's dad gets home Henry asks if he could check the blue card.Takato tries to talk with Jeri (actually ADR-01, a doppleganger created by the D-Reaper but with no sucess.A b Main Staff List (in Japanese).

While theyre in the school, a digital field appears and a Vilemon attacks them.
After that Rika is scared and sadly says she hates all Digimon.
The Global Task Force launches special missiles supposed to disrupt the D-Reapers internal communication but they are deleted as the D-Reaper evolves into Mother D-Reaper due to Jeris strong negative emotions.Culumon's Wish" "Shuto Kaimetsu!41 "Homeward Bound" The Return to the Real World!Meanwhile, Calumon and Impmon head off to rescue Jeri but are intercepted by more agents.Henry has self-doubt and Terriermon has to boost his confidence."Fox Kids' New Anime Series".