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For local computer WMI name space (usually 'rootcimv2 or 'rootWMI logon user name and password (may be blank for ffdshow codec windows xp local computer) and the argument to pass to WMI which may be a simple WMI class or a complex WMI WQL language query statement, see below.
ZylUdpgpsreceiver is an extension of, zylCustomgpsreceiver, which processes nmea data from an UDP socket.
Tested with Delphi 2009.
A demo program illustrates the use of all the functions.
It is indicated to use this component with "Stop on Delphi exception" option deactivated.Attention: - Sales tax/VAT is not included in the prices above and it differs from country to country.Specify the maximum number of scsi adaptors to check, typically six.Nmea 0183 (or nmea for short) is a combined electrical and data specification for communication between marine electronic devices such as echo sounder, sonars, Anemometer (winds speed and direction gyrocompass, autopilot, GPS receivers and many other types of instruments.Look at the Microsoft WMI documentation for hundreds more classes.Supported Operating Systems : Windows Available for : Delphi.2 Tokyo (Win32 Win64 Delphi.1 Berlin (Win32 Win64 Delphi 10 Seattle (Win32 Win64 Delphi XE8 (Win32 Win64 Delphi XE7 (Win32 Win64 Delphi XE6 (Win32 Win64 Delphi XE5 (Win32 Win64 Delphi XE4 (Win32 Win64 Delphi XE3.With this components you will be able to develop robust GPS Delphi or CBuilder applications.Release.3 - Fixed some string cast warnings for Delphi 2009 and later.Release.2 - Fixed memory leaks with OleVariants, thanks to Andy Whittles and Luke Painter, added MagWmiGetInfoEx which returns exception error string as well as -1 for better error handling.TDriveResult Record DriveNum: integer ; DeviceId: string ; BusTypeDisp: string ; / ATA.Possible applications can be: * Vehicle Navigation * Marine Navigation * Fleet Management * Emergency Locator * Geographic Surveying * AVL and Locating-Based Services * Personal Navigation or touring devices * Tracking devices * Sporting and Recreation * Farming * Time synchronization With Zylgpsreceiver you.See below for examples of the attribute results.

Drive 0 IC25N040atmr04-0; Serial Number MRG254K2fumhyp; Capacity.3G smart Test Passed OK Attribute Name State Cur Value Worst Value Threshold Raw Value Pre-Fail 1 Raw Read Error Rate OK,611 Yes 2 Throughput Performance OK Yes 3 Spin Up Time OK Yes 4 Start/Stop Count,696.
It attempts to get drive information but this seems to fail for most adaptors and when it works it return dubious information.
Function MagWmiGetBaseBoard: string ; Returns the motherboard manufacturer and product name.
Country of Manufacture Code, this code indicates the country in which the basic engine was manufactured.
Function MagWmiGetMemory: TWmiMemoryRec ; This function returns a record containing seven diferent memory sizes TWmiMemoryRec Record FreePhysicalMemory: Int64 ; FreeSpaceInPagingFiles: Int64 ; FreeVirtualMemory: Int64 ; SizeStoredInPagingFiles: Int64 ; TotalSwapSpaceSize: Int64 ; TotalVirtualMemorySize: Int64 ; TotalVisibleMemorySize: Int64 ; end ; General Purpose smart Disk Functions ffunction.New in version 2 are controls which can be used to display supported information data visually (using the Explorerlook with Tree-/Listview controls).A variable WmiResults needs to be predefined for the results, see above, and instances will return the number of columns of data, in addition to column 0 being the properties in the data.Function MagWmiFindAdaptor (var AdapterName: string integer ; Returns the name and index of a the first unique enabled Ethernet 802.3 adaptor (except 1394 Net Adapter ignoring hidden adapters.GPS uses these satellites as reference points to calculate positions accurate to a matter of meters.Most functions return information in simple string arrays or structures, for easy access in other applications.L - 2004, l - 1984, a - 1995, m - 2005.Zylgpsreceiver (ZylSerialgpsreceiver) is an extension of, zylCustomgpsreceiver, which processes nmea data from serial, USB or Bluetooth ports.Using a class on it's own returns all information for all instances of the class.