dave mirrastyle bmx 2 pc game

Its a game to: create, share, exchange and enjoy your creativity with the online community.
Whatch the action how ever you want with first person views, third person, sport cameras attached to the bike, or even cameras controlled by a second game final fantasy viii pc player in real time.
Adjust all the bike details according to your preferences like gyro, brakes, pegs, seat, colors, stickers.
A perfect replay system will allow you to enjoy your creativity and use a variety of cameras, lenses, photographic effects and filters to record your sessions or your friends sessions to share with the community through.
Ride freely through the city finding new spots, gaining experience, agility and strenght, and learning new tricks.Were making all this and more in order to allow you to fully personalise your experience with BMX The Game.Sooner or later BMX The Game will be available on consoles.Its now up to all of us to promote the game and make it happen.Development for consoles has a cost (acquiring licenses and hours of dedication) that we cant attain right now, but this is not a technical issue.Were putting alot of hard work into game graphics, looking to achieve the highest quality with the greatest realism possible on each platform.You can choose from a selection of Pro riders as a character or create your own custom character, with branded apparel, footwear and accessories, even customise their riding style too.Not only can you do it alone but you and your friends can also form your own online crew.

Then challenge other online riders around the city, join championships, or be creative capturing amazing footage and sharing it with the community.
What we need to do is achieve at least 5,000 pre-orders (which we just reached) to increase our budget enough to start the development for the various console versions.
The wonderful side of this is that we already have a strong amount of pre-orders done right now.
There are even hidden challenges scattered about the city.In BMX The Game you can customize each part of the experience: bikes, characters, set pieces, clothes, riding styles, physics modes and much more.We feel console versions are a must, but as an indie team without a publisher we need to achieve certain goals before this can happen.All backers that have chosen (or will choose) the Full Time Rider tier or above will get the console versions when they are available at no extra cost.All this activities will earn you credits which you can then use to improve your bike, unlock content and buy new stuff for your character.If you enjoy BMX, youll appreciate what kind of game were creating: an amazing world where you can use the editor to create your own places to ride whether it be park or street, even dirt.Maybe just roam freely exploring the expansive city to find street spots and hidden parks, all while capturing amazing footage.You can challenge other bikers online to compete in championships or races.This is the game that we have been dreaming of for years.We have started the process to bring BMX The Game to consoles, both next gen and current gen.