dana 18 rebuild instructions

National Federal Mogul oil seal Part # 473229 for the output shaft seal The T-90 Rebuild Video.
Inspect for cracks and twisting.
Install the front-wheel-drive shift-fork on the front-wheel-drive shift rod (that's the short rod * ).
Do not get any of the sealant on the speedometer gear.
I suggest that the measurement before sealing the case should.002" -.006" Note: If you have over-tightened the shaft it will be necessary to remove the front bearing cap and tap the output shaft to the rear again until free.Reinstall the two front transmission sifter tower bolts in the T-90 case.TD: Is that coolant?It can mushroom the head of the shaft making it even harder to get the shaft out and possibly even damaging the case.Does it howl, whistle or grind when spun?

Contributors: i know there were more people out there that contributed in the early days but I toyota corolla verso owners manualdownload don't have a record of who they are.
Note: If equipped with emergency brake assembly you may macros excel 2007 tutorial pdf temp install the long bolt directly across from the short bolt.
Remove only the five rear case bolts.
M would like to thank them for their duty with exclusive discounts.On some T-cases you can install it later but on some you can't, so unless you want to take a chance on having to remove the rear-bearing adapter again, then I would put it on now.Inspect for excess wear.Special Note: When I say to tap on something, I am referring to the use of a brass hammer or rawhide mallet.Remove the entire assemble as a unit.Note: The companion flange is attached to the rear brake drum, so when you install the flange, you are installing the drum.This special nut should have been torqued to 100-120 foot pounds and it should take considerable force to break this loose (Mine didn't).Insure the interlock pin is still in the bearing cap if so desired.