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This was well before SHA-1 was considered broken.
Last year, moving to SHA-2 ahead of the global deadline was a nice-to-do preparatory step.
For example, most vendors only care about TLS (i.e., web server) certificates, and one, Microsoft Corporation, only currently cares if SHA-1 is used on a digital certificate from a public.This training was added into Campaign mode as the first mission in later updates.Without question, it's tools for uml diagrams way better than SHA-1, and any critical SHA-1 enabled certificates, applications, and hardware devices using SHA-1 should be moved to SHA-2.Still, if it was me, Id probably move everything, including the root CAs own CA certificate to SHA-2 just so I could say that my PKI was all SHA-2 and avoid any further needed SHA-1 changes down the road.Included Big City map which features drivable vehicles and many other functions.Period of test, august 2, 2012 August 5, 2012 (3:00.m.Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Apple) and other relying parties have requested (and have been doing so for years) that all customers, services and products currently using SHA-1 move to SHA-2, although what has to be moved by when is different depending on the vendor.Implementation of migration plan in production environment. .

Although no significant cryptographic weakness has been found in SHA-2, it's considered algorithmically related to SHA-1.
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Every company with an internal PKI not already using SHA-2 will need to create a SHA-2 PKI or migrate their existing SHA-1 PKI to SHA-2 (at some point in time).
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Testing and feedback, the hardest part of most SHA-2 migration projects is determining which devices and applications work with SHA-2.La vita umana non รจ altro che un gioco della Follia.For the past two years, Ive been busy helping Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) customers prepare for and move.And no two different inputs should ever make the same, identical hash output.I dont think most vendors know the ultimate kill date for SHA-1 (i.e., when it will apply to all applications and devices and cause fatal errors but I would guess it will arrive sooner than later as more and more consumers move to SHA-2.Today most browsers will display an error message if a public SHA-1 digital certificate is encountered on a web site, but some will let you bypass the error and go onto the SHA-1 protected web site if you wish.Start by trying to inventory every unique device, OS and application that will need to understand SHA-2.Because of the continued success against SHA-1, the NSA and nist identified its related successor, SHA-2, as the new recommended hashing standard in 2002.If the consuming devices dont understand SHA-2, expect failure or an error message which probably won't be as enlightening as SHA-2 unrecognized.