create startup script mac os x

The Mac OS X kernel recognizes a fat binary, parses the header, and chooses the most appropriate architecture (if there's one) binary to execute from among those contained in the fat file.
This was done to maintain backward compatibility with version.4 13 November 2004 (version.4 Fixed a bug that was causing application arguments not to be set.
Xlipo -info some_xfat_binary Architectures in the fat file: some_fat_binary are: x86_64_10.6 x86_64_10.5 x86_64_10.4 x86_64 i386_10.6 i386_10.5 i386_10.4 i386 We see that our hypothetical extended fat binary contains eight "architectures".
To play with this mechanism, download xbinary-xfat.
You can add an Icon resource, set various Mac OS X native look-and-feel bells and whistles, and maintain your application bundles as part of your normal build and release cycle.Allow the user to specify ipl time table 2012 pdf entries that enable recognition of new binary formats.The implementation uses the aforementioned matching algorithm.This means that the binary that eventually gets to run is a Mach-O binary.For the this idea.

Required for Windows or Linux Under MacOS, if the referenced file does not exist, then the file name will be used in the bundle to reference a copy of the JavaApplicationStub.
Let us call it xlipo.
(bang followed by the path to an interpreter program, which may be a Unix shell or may be some other non-shell program.
In contrast, XBinary is a configurable facility that can be dynamically loaded and unloaded on a stock operating system.If that too fails, look for operating system versions newer than the current one.E, -enable_facility enable facility and load kext if necessary -D, -disable_facility disable facility (will not unload kext) -U, -unload_facility disable facility and unload kext You can add and manipulate in-kernel entries that enable recognition of binary formats.(Deprecated under JVM.4.1) jars A list of jar files or patternsets (space or comma seperated) to be used in your application.The -E option loads the kernel extension if it isn't loaded already.For example, XBinary wouldn't be able to help the dynamic linker with choosing the best library from an extended fat library file.Again, we can reuse something from the Linux world: binfmtc, a program that dynamically compiles and executes C programs as if they were scripts.