crackle nail polish ideas

Go for the same shades on all the nails or be creative and apply an individual nail polish shade on each nail for an edgier, unusual effect.
Now you can say good bye to those expensive nail salons and hello to homemade nail art as you can now have a fabulous at home manicure created by yourself.
Simply apply a thin coat and you will have a perfect crackle manicure!The polish will actually shrink after it is applied which is what creates the crackle effect.Overall I absolutely love OPI Shatter because it creates more crackles than other brands.Light colors like this light pink look great with a glittery silver!If you are a neon person and like that flash of color, these are some great base colors for you to pair with black crackle.Turquoise and charcoal gray are a classic color combination!

If you use a shimmery/psychadellic color coat then it will give your nails a fun mirror look!
Its best if you choose a smooth polish but you can go with glitter or another hindi in 30 days ebook texture, but it might affect how well the crackle look comes out.
If so, inspire yourself from one of the newest and easiest nail art trends which features a textured, crackled effect.
Or you can pick any two colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel and theyre guaranteed to pair well!
Watch the awesome demo video below to see what the color swatches look like in real life and how to apply the polish!0 votes so far, most Popular Vote Questions.It is the thinnest crackle topcoat that I have tried as it is slightly watery.Checkout the guide I created for you below on where you can buy crackle nail polish, brand reviews, the best way to apply it, great color combo ideas and more.Apply a really good base coat: This step is an absolute must!The bottle also doesnt dry out as fast as some other brands.Home advice » nails » magnetic nail polish or crackle nail polish?If you're looking for a simple way to create a great looking, edgy nail art design, this is the way.