control file recovery in oracle 10g

Cataloging done List of Cataloged Files File Name: using channel ORA_disk_1 channel ORA_disk_1: starting datafile dragon zakura episode 11 backupset restore channel ORA_disk_1: specifying datafile(s) to restore from backup set restoring datafile 00001 to restoring datafile 00002 to restoring datafile 00003 to restoring datafile 00004 to /u02/oradata/dprod/users01.dbf channel ORA_disk_1.
This example limits the restore of the control file autobackup, then performs recovery of the database to log sequence 13243, which is the most recent archived log: RUN # Optionally, set upper limit for eligible time stamps of control file # backups # SET until.
To restore the control files, the DBA first must restore the spfile, which does not require the dbid.
Configure encryption algorithm 'AES128 # default.
Configure snapshot controlfile name TO # default.At that point, the ControlFile, and thus the rman repository is buried in a backup piece in the Flash Recovery Area.The DBA can use OS commands to copy the controlfile, and likely the online-redo files as well, from the surviving disk to the new disk, then use rman to restore the lost database files and recover.Assuming that you enabled the control file autobackup feature for the target database, you can restore an autobackup of the control file.Redo Buffers 2904064 bytes, rMAN configuration parameters are successfully reset to default value old rman configuration parameters: configure retention policy TO redundancy 2; new rman configuration parameters: configure retention policy TO redundancy 2; new rman configuration parameters are successfully stored old rman configuration parameters: configure.

Configure avs media player mac os x archivelog backup copies FOR device type disk TO 1; # default.
Create a restore job 1-2.
C: rman target/ nocatalog, recovery Manager: Release.0 - Production.
Restore the autobackup of the control file, optionally setting the maximum number of days backward that rman can search (up to 366) and the initial sequence number that it should use in its search for the first day.
C) From the result of vlogfile, is a file of group#.Dprod [email protected] oracle rman target recovery Manager: Release.0 - Production on Wed Sep 13 10:33:35 2006.Restore controlfile from autobackup; Let's run through the two examples above in order.Rman displays the dbid whenever you connect to the target.Restore database file using Recovery Manager (rman) 2-1.Make sure of the path of the Online redo log SQL select * from vlogfile; group# status member 2 3 3-3.The autobackup finishes after the controlfile backup, so the autobackup contains the entry pointing to the previous controlfile backup, but the previous controlfile backup doesn't know about the autobackup, that is another difference between them.Maxloghistory 113, logfile, group 1 size 10M, group 2 size 10M, group 3 size 10M datafile size xxx, size xxx.It is recommended that you enable archivelog mode before proceeding so that all metabones speed booster sony a7 transactions can be recovered upon restore.