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Ivan Sokolov, Milos and, nigel Short in the early rounds before losing to Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu, again in the quarter finals.
Match Play A full list of all the matches played by Shirov are listed at User: amadeus s excellent page: Game Collection: Match Shirov!
He has also produced numerous ChessBase Fritztrainer DVDs, which deal mainly with the openings and which are listed at his Wikipedia article (linked below).
Qualifying for the World Cup (2011) because of his high rating, Shirov defeated Manuel Leon Hoyos in the first round, but unexpectedly lost to Vladimir Potkin in the second round.Other national leagues in which Shirov has participated include: The Bundesliga 2000 (and probably before 2001, 2002; 2003, 2004, change multiple filename in unix 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 20; Spanish Team Championship 2001, 2006 and the ceclub leagues of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 -.1, kedros, 2004, isbn:, Evangelos Kontogiannis pgn Grooten - Chess Strategy for Club Players - News In Chess isbn: Olivier Lajoinie - France pgn Guerrero - 320 games of Richard Guerrero Richard Guerrero pgn Gufeld - Exploiting small advantages -.T.Die Offene Variante in der Spanischen Partie, Publisher: Skakhus Forlaget, Kobenhavn, 1967, Ralf Schneppensief, Germany pgn Larsen, Testa din spelstyrka, Prisma, 1976, isbn: X, Fredrik Johansson pgn Larsen - My Best Games of Chess - Hardinge Simpole Limited isbn: Horacio Arevalo pgn Larsen Levy, San.Chess Championship, McFarland, 1986, isbn, Bill Wall pgn Marusenko Peresypkin, Kievskii Mezhdunarodnyi - Kiev 1978, Zdorov'ia, 1980, Hebert Pérez García pgn McDonald's, Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking, Batsford (September 1, 2004 isbn:, Sidney Williamson pgn McDonald, The Art of Planning in Chess, Batsford, 2006.The following year, he played in the fide World Championship Knockout Tournament (2001) and beat Aimen Rizouk, Zoltan Gyimesi, Alexander Motylev and Veselin Topalov in the early rounds before again losing to Anand, yet again in the quarter finals.During this time he has won individual gold and silver, 2 team golds, 4 team silvers, and 3 team bronzes.Bell and Sons, Ltd., 1973, isbn:, Michael Roberts pgn Coles, Epic Batles of the Chessboard, Tartan, 1972, Bill Wall pgn Collins, An Attacking Repertoire for White, Batsford, 2004, isbn:, Jonathan Lonsdale pgn Curry, Win at Chess: A Comprehensive Guide to Winning Chess for the Intermediate.It was a watershed moment.A Chess Quiz That Teaches You Openings With No Memorizing of Moves, Simon Shuster, New York, isbn:, Jack Clark, USA pgn Filguth - Mequinho, o perfil de um gênio - Promochess - Marcio Tosta Goncalves pgn Filip Pachman - xvii Weltschach-Olympiade - Instituto del.Von Béla Tomor - Budapest: Corvina Verlag Hartmut Riedel pgn Varnusz, Play Anti-Indian Systems, Maxwell Macmillan Chess, 1991, isbn:, Feike Reitsma pgn Vigorito - Challenging the Nimzo-Indian - Quality Chess isbn: Michael Ashley pgn Wade Blackstock, 50th ussr Championship Final, GM Edition, Panther House, Mount.Classical Tournaments Shirov has placed first or equal first in numerous international tournaments: Biel 1991 Madrid (1997) (sharing first with Topalov) Ter Apel 1997 Monte Carlo 1998 Merida (2000) (quadrangular double round robin) the Hrokurinn (2003) round robin tournament in Reykjavik the Bosnian International.

Isbn: Gary Connors - USA pgn Kasparov - Kasparov Teaches Chess - tsford Ltd.
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Author Shirov is an author who wrote Fire on Board: Shirov's Best Games (1995) and Fire on Board, Part 2: (2005).
1, 2nd Edition - Russell Enterprises, Inc.
The Sicilian - Quality Chess isbn: Michael Marziale - USA pgn, aagaard Jacob - Attacking Manual 1 - Quality Chess isbn: Wane Inkpen - Canada pgn, abrahams - Test Your Chess - Pan isbn: Nick Greaves pgn, agdestein - Wonderboy - New in Chess isbn.Routledge isbn: B0008CFM6C - Kam Shahid pgn Bliss,.Quaderni di Scacchi - I Grandi Giocatori - David Bronstejn, Mursia, 1975, Giovambattista Rizzo pgn, aagaard Shaw - Experts.He won individual gold in 1999.Championship Chess, McKay 1975, isbn X, Bill Wall pgn cbv Löwenfisch Smyslov, Theorie und Praxis der Turmendspiele, Schach Verlag Rudi Smaus, 1985, Ronny Baekelant, Belgium pgn Mason, The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice, McKay, 1946 pgn Marshall - My Fifty Years of Chess.Paidotribo - Josè Contreras pgn, basman, The Central Attack, Accompanying leaflet to BCA tape 0299, BCA 2002, Feike Reitsma pgn, basman, The Creepy Crawly, 1996, self-published pgn, basman - The Elephant Gambit - Audio chess Brynn Petty - United Kingdom pgn, beim - Paul Morphy.He won his first round Candidates Match: Shirov - Adams (2007) (1 1 4, won in rapid playoff but was eliminated in the 2nd and qualifying round when he lost the Candidates Match: Aronian - Shirov (2007) (0 1 5).