cm 01 02 editor

Bottom left of the main screen, you'll see text that says "Graeme Kelly".
Also it would be a good idea to make backups of your shortlist files, just in case!
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It started off much like most saved gamed editor in regards to what it offered the user to edit.Again, there is a separate 'update' button for referees.Supports searching for player nicknames as well.Load my editor, and the name of his regen should have appeared on the appropriate list in the regens tab.Run setup to install the program.Transferring players: I'm afraid that in my editor, this is simply not possible.

There's an 'edit nation' button next to these.
The only thing is that there is a separate 'update contract' button on the bottom right of this tab.
Changing the "raw" will update the displayed value, so you have an accurate representation of the data.
Graeme's CM 01/02 Saved Game Editor is a winner in all departments making it a must have for your CM 01/02 collection of downloads.It should work though - I tested.Note that this is auto-updated (it is entirely independent from the 'update' button mentioned above).Title: CM 00/01 Editor.0.3 upgrade, author: Sports Interactive Ltd, created: 1/15/2001.On the 'attributes 2' tab, you'll see the various preference lists.Confrim this by doing a find-player Lauren Blanc within.On the first tab, you'll see his primary and secondary nations listed.From here, you can list him, make him unhappy, insert minimum fees, change other clauses aqw hack ac coins etc.Please note that if you have already installed a previous version of the editor in the past, then you will need to remove it before installing the latest version.Once searched, the list of matching players will appear at the listbox above.