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A picture is worth a thousand words, and wallace and gromit game we have several dozen images to play with-.
And like last year, as a friend of ours pointed out, Davos gets the best line!
Unlike a lot of other motley super-crews whose members may briefly bristle at the idea of working together, its legitimately kind of difficult to image Jessica, Luke, Matt, and Danny as team, let alone a group of friends.Its Ellaria so Im assuming shes trying birth of a hero font for photoshop to kill someone.Thats right, its Melisandre and Daenerys!According to Melisandre, she and another (presumably Jon Snow) have a role to play in the future of Westeros.Arya Stark (Maisie Williams traveling alone in Westerosi territory, is seen as Cersei mentions enemies to the north.More logically, just after she mentions the south, we spy someone sharpening the spear.The Targaryen queen has returned to her ancestral home and birthplace.Cersei finishes off her mini-speech in the voiceover onscreen here, looking medal of honor airborne serial no calm and icy.(For the uninitiated, Google the Defiance of Duskendale and read about what a mistake it is to mess with Mad King Aerys and Tywin Lannister.) The main point we can take from this is the confirmation that someone is occupying Dragonstone once again, since Stannis.

Weve got two people falling into the water here, but its not clear who.
Melisandre (Carice van Houten last seen being exiled from Winterfell, stands on Dragonstone, watching a group of people walk up the stairs.
Ive seen countless names bandied about, but I think you just cant see, so for now its a mystery.
Infinity War, its going to become increasingly important for superhero movies to remember that on-screen spectacle can ultimately fall flat if there isnt a beating human heart at the storys center.These are most likely the same group of people seen up above, running for their lives.Heading back up north, we find some terrified souls running for their lives, most likely beyond the Wall.It is, and my whole body is ready for it after this trailer.I have no idea why.Jessica may be strong enough to pin Lukes arms down while theyre getting busy, but actually trying to hit his super-dense skin with her bare hands would likely end with her doing more damage to herself than him.However, a sneak peek at future episodes did bring two characters togetherand combined, theyll have the power to change the world.Here we spy the Lannister soldiers in formation and on the move: In the throne room, Cersei and Jaime watch someone presented before them.And then it doesnt matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.How convenient, then, that Marvel and Netflixs modern TV version of the team consists of a bunch of relatively normal people who all just so happen to be very good at punching people.